My name is Fredrik Lerneryd and I’m a Swedish freelance photojournalist. I live in Nairobi and work for various international media and non-governmental organizations, and also pursue my own personal projects.
I’m committed to documenting sections of society and communities in a way that affords them more respect.
I seek out stories that are not so obvious at first sight, but take a bit of time and effort to understand.
I like to find a balance between challenging clichés and not losing a sense of what the individual I’m photographing may still feel is part of their identity.
I think it’s important to question your own stereotypical views on subjects and individuals, which is something I strive for when I choose stories.


Nordic school of photography, Stockholm 2013-2015


Award of excellence - CPOY 2015

Joop Swart Masterclass nominee - 2016

Joop Swart Masterclass nominee - 2017

1st Prize - Contemporary Issues, Sony World Photography Awards, 2018

About me